Saturday, October 27, 2012

Family Memories of an American Hero

My son Nathan joined the USAF on October 16, 2006.  He will be officially discharged on October 16, 2012.  It has truly been an amazing journey for our whole family.  Sad at times, but so rewarding to see the grown man he has become.  

I love my 3 children - Natascha (Christopher) - 2 grandkids Dahlyla 4 yrs. old and Alyjah 15 months.  Nathan (Debby) - grandson Sean and Chelsey (Kenny) - grand dog Brutus and of course my Husband of 17 years Steve and our dog Izzo.  Like watching MSU Football and Basketball and starting to like Detroit Lions and Tigers.  Love all my Blue Star Mother sisters, this is an amazing organization.  The only thing I can think that I truly dislike is Mashed Potatoes.

I love everything about our mission with Blue Star Mothers: supporting those who fight for our freedom and our country, paying respect to those serving currently, former and those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.  

I have not had a creation designed just yet from Military Apparel Company.

Thank you for what you do.

Lisa Gwilt

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Family is the Best Hug Ever!

I am an Air Force Mom, I love hanging out with Teenagers. I work at a high school and have taught Bible Study to Junior High Girls. I hope that I am a good role model and I try to live my life according to scripture. I enjoy volunteering my time and support causes I care about, such as anyone's child in the Military.

I love that you provide ways we can display our love and support for our sons and daughters, husbands and wives. Although I will eventually give you my son's uniform I still love having it around the house. It sits on the back of his chair at his place at the dinner table.

Thanks Lori! I feel so special to be able to do this!  Lots of Hugs.

Patti Young

Monday, October 15, 2012

New Senior Airman!

My name is Madeline Fuller and my son, SRA Matthew J. Fuller, is active duty Air Force, stationed at Nellis AFB.

I love shopping; cooking, decorating, and spending time with my family...I dislike snakes (huge phobia...probably the biggest on record!).
I love all the different choices you offer and especially the fact that it's made from your child's uniform...fabulous!!

I purchased the handbag over a year ago...maybe longer...I think right after you became affiliated with (at that time) Military Handbag.

Attached are photos of my Airman. One that was taken when he was in BMT, one when he returned from Iraq, one from his welcome home party and one in his dress blues when he was home from Christmas, also one of my handbag. He was just recently promoted to the rank of Senior Airman, I couldn’t be more proud!!!

This is so great, Lori!  Wonderful idea!  Keep up the good work!!!!

Madeline Fuller

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Proud Air Force Family

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I’m an Air Force wife. I like being a mom, my dogs (German Shepherds), Ford, and learning anything medical. I “dislike” DEPLOYMENTS, feeling like our family is constantly forced on the back burner, and doing laundry lol.

I love the fact that this project and mission actually pays attention to and focuses on those left behind, not just the members. It means just as much to us as it does to them.

I didn’t have Rick’s uniform sent in, but I did have several pieces made. The one that is most special to me is my diaper bag. It’s ABU with pink trim and I hold it very close to me because my husband deployed when our youngest turn six weeks old. I don’t have a recent photo of Rick in uniform but the last one taken is the one I have of him and our youngest in Jan 2012. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

AF Mom Kim

My name is Kim Herrick, I am a proud Air Force mom!!!

I have three grown boys, three beautiful granddaughters!!

In Aug of 2010 I gave Andrew to the U.S. Air Force!!
He went straight from BMT to the Honor Guard in Washington D.C.
He now is a Body Bearer and also does dignified transfers at Dover. Some days they lay to rest upwards of 5 Airmen a day!! Some Active, some retired!!! He was one of the Bearers for the casket of the 6 Vietnam soldiers found just a few months ago!! They did not have family for any of them, so they presented my son with the flag!! He was much honored!!! You can only stay in the honor guard for two years, so he will be done and moving on Feb 15th to TX!! He was married April 23, 2011 she also was in the Army, and they have beautiful daughter Leanna Belle!!

I am Vice President of Blue Star Mothers Denver Chapter 3; I am a Scentsy Consultant and love to work on embroidery.
I have collected pigs for many years and just love them!!!
I am very big on quotes, scripture and anything that is positive
and makes you stop and think!!! I am sure I fill your news feed
daily!! Lol

Kim Herrick

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One happy mamma...

My name is Lisa and I am a proud Air Force Mom. My son, Michael joined the Air Force May 2009; not having any military background, I was not sure what to expect and boy has it been a “roller coaster” ride. The path that Michael has chosen has been the best decision that he has ever made. He has grown into a self-sufficient, focused and successful young man. 
Making the trip to Lackland to see Michael graduate from basic training was the most amazing trip ever. Seeing Michael graduate from high school, of course, was a highlight but going to Lackland was like being on top of the world. There are not enough words to fully describe the feeling that I had watching Michael as he had grown up so fast in such little time.
When Michael began his journey and started making new friends, I also found new friends through some awesome AF support groups. The people that I have met are great – we all have one thing in common that has brought us together but then friendships have blossomed into something greater. The bond that I have with my fellow Wing Family is incredible. Most of us have never met in person but we all share and help each other through the good times and the bad times. 
Michael is currently stationed in Montana and has been since the start of his career and because of his career field; I doubt that he will ever be close to home (Virginia).  However, I do have a piece of him that I carry with me pretty much every day and that is a handbag from Military Apparel Company. When I first saw what this company was doing I was like, “WOW” but then sad as I did not have a uniform of Michael’s. The first bag that I ordered, Military Apparel Company made the handbag from the material that they have BUT the second one was made from Michael’s ABU uniform. I kept asking Michael to send me one and after asking probably 1000 times, he mailed me his uniform one year for Christmas. What a happy moment for sure. I mailed the uniform to Military Apparel Company and after a couple weeks the uniform was turned into a one of a kind personally made handbag. One happy mamma….I have a piece of my son with me every day!
Thank you Michael for your service…Your family is very proud of you!
Thank you to ALL OF OUR military members…the past, the present and the future.
Hugs to all,
Lisa Strickland
AF Mom from Virginia

Monday, October 8, 2012

Blue Star Mothers Michigan Convention

Wow, what a weekend!!! Anytime you can spend a weekend with girlfriends who are like-minded and united for the same cause you can't go wrong! Blue Star Mothers of America Department of Michigan held their annual convention this past weekend at the Doherty Hotel in Clare, MI. There was so much significance to the selection of the host hotel. CPL James A Reeder, KIA July 16, 1950 was the uncle of two brothers who currently manage the hotel which has been in the family since 1924 when it was built. We had breakfast with brother Jim Doherty on Friday morning and learned the extensive military of his family which continues today with his two daughters currently serving. Blue Star Mothers Chapter  MI 33 is named for James Reeder and is located in nearby Farwell, MI. It was very fitting to have our Convention here as this is the 70th Anniversary of Blue Star Mothers. Like the Military, Blue Star Mothers is very rich in tradition and ceremony.

Friday night we had Big Dipper Fun Night. A fun event to raise money for educational assistance for a worthy son/daughter, grandson/granddaughter of BSMA member or veteran as well as a veteran or active duty personnel. Our theme this year was movie night and you can see we had a great time dressed as Toy Story characters! 

Saturday we had a mix of education, speakers and a memorial service for our fallen warriors and mothers since last year. Particularly humbling was a wall honoring our fallen from Michigan beginning with Desert Shield/Desert Storm to present. The wall was brought to us by Veterans of Modern Warfare, they share our mission of helping veterans with needs that are not met through other conventional avenues. 

I was very proud to be a part of a check presentation to VFW National Home for Children from our Chapter, BSM MI 180, so that they can purchase a swing set for the children that has been on their wish list. We have been blessed with some generous donations and it was so gratifying to be able to give them something that they need. We also had presentations from the VA to learn about the programs that they have to offer for our veterans and how we can work together for a common cause.

We ended our weekend by coming together and electing a new board to carry out our mission for the coming year. Boards for the Department and Big Dipper were elected and installed. Great weekend with 50 friends new and old from around the state as well as our National President who came in from San Francisco!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Military Apparel Company President and Founder Eve

Me…in a nut shell…

I have a cute French accent (and I do not hear it) I am determined (some can call it bossy) very generous, extremely passionate, social (or should I say chatty?) courageous (really nothing will stop me!) wife to a hard-working American Hero Veteran, Jeremy Baum (my pride) mom of soon 3 girls (Yes and I have 2 sisters…no testosterone around here!) Proud, PROUD, PROUD President of Military Apparel Company for the last 7 years.

I have always wanted to help the world. I have always sewed (like my grand-maman Huguette) for as long as I can remember, I also always wanted to own my own business just like both sets of my grand-parents. Always wanted a bunch of kids. So now what? I am living the dream.

With my business I get to change the World of my client’s life by creating handbags and accessories for them, through donations to organizations related to the Military and also very proudly, with the business knowledge that I have. Now I can market other women’s creations and help them achieve their dream!
I am living the dream. Some days I wake up and cry because I am so thankful that I am able to be a stay at home mom while running my project and that I have thousands of people supporting it. This project has been solely promoted through word of mouth like people like you! Know that you are Military Apparel Company and it is not something I will ever take for granted.

So many people helped me through this journey another very humbling thing for me.
Know that when you get a creation from Military Apparel Company, you get a lot more than a bag. You are fueling American Dreams as well creating job here in the USA. And know that I, just like everyone on my team is so appreciative!

From the very bottom of my heart THANK YOU!