Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday, July 26, 2013

Back to working out today after yesterday's rest day. Of course, my trainer Aimee showed me no mercy when she made out my schedule of travel wods! Today my workout "BW Ten" consisted of 5 Rounds for Time (5RFT) of 100 squats, 20 lunges and 35 push-ups. I really did not think I would make it through but I pushed on and got it done in just under 42 minutes. Good thing it didn't take me any longer, my granddaughter arrived shortly after and stayed with me for the day. She made me forget all about my sore muscles!

Being on vacation it is hard to get your proper meals but I am trying!
For breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled with 1 oz of diced ham and 1 peach.
Lunch: 9 almonds, 1.5 cups of red grapes and 1 oz of turkey breast lunch meat.
Dinner: it was late so I ran to McDonald's and had a grilled chicken bacon ranch salad minus the ranch, fruit and yogurt parfait (not allowed in Whole30 but I needed something), 9 almonds and 22 baby carrots cooked.
Snack: 16 baby carrots, 1 banana and 1 tsp sunflower seeds.

Overall, my calorie count was lower than it should be for the day considering what I burned in my workout. But that will only help toward my goal of losing weight!