Thursday, October 11, 2012

AF Mom Kim

My name is Kim Herrick, I am a proud Air Force mom!!!

I have three grown boys, three beautiful granddaughters!!

In Aug of 2010 I gave Andrew to the U.S. Air Force!!
He went straight from BMT to the Honor Guard in Washington D.C.
He now is a Body Bearer and also does dignified transfers at Dover. Some days they lay to rest upwards of 5 Airmen a day!! Some Active, some retired!!! He was one of the Bearers for the casket of the 6 Vietnam soldiers found just a few months ago!! They did not have family for any of them, so they presented my son with the flag!! He was much honored!!! You can only stay in the honor guard for two years, so he will be done and moving on Feb 15th to TX!! He was married April 23, 2011 she also was in the Army, and they have beautiful daughter Leanna Belle!!

I am Vice President of Blue Star Mothers Denver Chapter 3; I am a Scentsy Consultant and love to work on embroidery.
I have collected pigs for many years and just love them!!!
I am very big on quotes, scripture and anything that is positive
and makes you stop and think!!! I am sure I fill your news feed
daily!! Lol

Kim Herrick