Monday, October 15, 2012

New Senior Airman!

My name is Madeline Fuller and my son, SRA Matthew J. Fuller, is active duty Air Force, stationed at Nellis AFB.

I love shopping; cooking, decorating, and spending time with my family...I dislike snakes (huge phobia...probably the biggest on record!).
I love all the different choices you offer and especially the fact that it's made from your child's uniform...fabulous!!

I purchased the handbag over a year ago...maybe longer...I think right after you became affiliated with (at that time) Military Handbag.

Attached are photos of my Airman. One that was taken when he was in BMT, one when he returned from Iraq, one from his welcome home party and one in his dress blues when he was home from Christmas, also one of my handbag. He was just recently promoted to the rank of Senior Airman, I couldn’t be more proud!!!

This is so great, Lori!  Wonderful idea!  Keep up the good work!!!!

Madeline Fuller