Saturday, October 13, 2012

Proud Air Force Family

Hello, my name is Jennifer and I’m an Air Force wife. I like being a mom, my dogs (German Shepherds), Ford, and learning anything medical. I “dislike” DEPLOYMENTS, feeling like our family is constantly forced on the back burner, and doing laundry lol.

I love the fact that this project and mission actually pays attention to and focuses on those left behind, not just the members. It means just as much to us as it does to them.

I didn’t have Rick’s uniform sent in, but I did have several pieces made. The one that is most special to me is my diaper bag. It’s ABU with pink trim and I hold it very close to me because my husband deployed when our youngest turn six weeks old. I don’t have a recent photo of Rick in uniform but the last one taken is the one I have of him and our youngest in Jan 2012.