Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One happy mamma...

My name is Lisa and I am a proud Air Force Mom. My son, Michael joined the Air Force May 2009; not having any military background, I was not sure what to expect and boy has it been a “roller coaster” ride. The path that Michael has chosen has been the best decision that he has ever made. He has grown into a self-sufficient, focused and successful young man. 
Making the trip to Lackland to see Michael graduate from basic training was the most amazing trip ever. Seeing Michael graduate from high school, of course, was a highlight but going to Lackland was like being on top of the world. There are not enough words to fully describe the feeling that I had watching Michael as he had grown up so fast in such little time.
When Michael began his journey and started making new friends, I also found new friends through some awesome AF support groups. The people that I have met are great – we all have one thing in common that has brought us together but then friendships have blossomed into something greater. The bond that I have with my fellow Wing Family is incredible. Most of us have never met in person but we all share and help each other through the good times and the bad times. 
Michael is currently stationed in Montana and has been since the start of his career and because of his career field; I doubt that he will ever be close to home (Virginia).  However, I do have a piece of him that I carry with me pretty much every day and that is a handbag from Military Apparel Company. When I first saw what this company was doing I was like, “WOW” but then sad as I did not have a uniform of Michael’s. The first bag that I ordered, Military Apparel Company made the handbag from the material that they have BUT the second one was made from Michael’s ABU uniform. I kept asking Michael to send me one and after asking probably 1000 times, he mailed me his uniform one year for Christmas. What a happy moment for sure. I mailed the uniform to Military Apparel Company and after a couple weeks the uniform was turned into a one of a kind personally made handbag. One happy mamma….I have a piece of my son with me every day!
Thank you Michael for your service…Your family is very proud of you!
Thank you to ALL OF OUR military members…the past, the present and the future.
Hugs to all,
Lisa Strickland
AF Mom from Virginia