Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Airman John, American Hero

Cindy, once an Airman herself, sent her son John off to BMT 30 years to the month that she herself left for Basic Military Training in January of 2010. She comes from a strong military family with several members who are currently serving, have served and even are getting ready to begin a new Air Force career! Cindy's stepson, enrolled in the Delayed Entry Program, is ready to follow the footsteps of his stepbrother in the Air Force. Next summer, another trip to Lackland for graduation will be in order. When not busy sending care packages and letters overseas, Cindy is busy with her farm and her cute baby goats. 

I met Cindy through a support group for parents online, Parents of a Son or Daughter in the Military. Through the support group, I have met some of the most amazing people all with a common thread. We have formed friendships that other non-military families cannot understand. Only another military mom will understand, "My fellow Wing Moms get me thru the tough times and one of the greatest "side effects" of my son's military service is the wonderful friends I have made that won't go away when the military contract is done." I couldn't have said it any better Cindy!