Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Air Force!

Three years ago today, my family and I waited at the crack of dawn in San Antonio along a street at Lackland AFB for our Airman to come running by during the Airman's Run. It had been a long 8 1/2 weeks since we had watched him board the bus at MEPS so begin his career. So proud, waiting with all the other families, hoping that we would get a glimpse as they ran by and wondering, would he see us and would we recognize him!! And then the moment came.... they came running by, singing their jodies!

 That afternoon, I had the pleasure to finally meet and sit with my friend Leslie and her husband. We had met each other online in a AF mom's forum and quickly discovered that our son's were not only in the same squadron but also the same flight! Such pride watching as our son's received their Airman's coin and became the newest US Airmen. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were there!! 

I still have the voice mail message on my phone from his first call after arrival at Lackland to let me know that he arrived safely and his address. Every 3 weeks or so, I listen and resave...memories that just can't be erased.

Now today, he is living his dream and is the proud daddy of a beautiful little girl. Happy 65th Birthday Air Force and Happy 3rd Anniversary Airman, I'm proud of you!