Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mialanie, my first grand-baby!

This bib and blanket was designed for my only granddaughter and made from her daddy's Air Force uniforms. Her parents are both Air Force, she currently lives in Germany with her mom and while her dad is in the US. The bib was created from his dress uniform and her Wrapped in Love blanket was created from his work pants and embroidered with her name and "Daddy's Lil Angel". I had this set custom made for Mialanie so that she will have her daddy with her until they are all together as a family again. At 3 months old, she loves to Skype with Daddy and have him read bedtime stories to her. Do you have a special item you would like to design a creation from? We can do that, Military Apparel Company is not just handbags. Want something special that is not part of our collection? No problem, we design custom creations as well. Let me help you!