Monday, September 3, 2012

Do you clip coupons?

I used to be very organized, clipping my coupons, filing and pulling out the expired when my kids were little. Life got hectic with all the kids activities, working and just life in general. Now that I have only one left at home for a few more months and I am working from home, it's time to get back into clipping coupons and saving. I love to see just how much I can save every time I shop, it's almost like a challenge! So I have been on the hunt for sites and blogs to aid my quest. I just stumbled across a blog/website of a friend of mine, they do all the work for me, I just get to reap the rewards and now you do too!!

Check out Coupon Friendly for product reviews, savings tips and of course coupons!! Let them know that Lori sent you, check their Facebook page too.