Friday, September 14, 2012

Gini Squire, I am an AirForce Brat and Hooah Momma

I am an avid supporter of our Military in any and every way that I can, and a member of Blue Star Mothers, American Legion Ladies Auxiliary and Rolling Thunder.  I have supported Rolling Thunder’s Mission since I was a teenager and always done all I can for Our Vietnam Veterans.  I LOVE animals, most especially dogs and help with transporting rescued dogs to their new forever homes every chance I get.  I have too many Gold Star Mothers and families that are very close friends and will always do anything and everything I can to make sure that Their Heroes are Never Forgotten.

I am a four time grandmother, one {Carson} living close, two living in Florida that I try to see at least once a year, and one living in Minnesota with her mother that I wonder if I’ll ever get to see.

My Army Son is stationed at Ft Bliss, Texas at the moment, he is being medically discharged due to injuries that he suffered on his first tour in Iraq.  He times out in February but may not actually be released until after that due to the paperwork.  He then plans on moving to Cali to finish college and hopefully open a restaurant. I am always hoping, praying that I get to see him sometime in the not too distant future.

Band of Mothers (group on Facebook), and a few Fathers, is a great group, very supportive and informative.  I love how all the Band is always there for each other no matter!

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